Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What service does provide? provides artificial intelligence driven talent sourcing service. QtrBac helps job seekers find the best suitable jobs. QtrBac's privacy aware, unbiased technology enables equal opportunity to apply for a job opportunity. QtrBac helps employers find the best suitable candidates for their job requirements.

Does QtrBac share my profile with an employer without my consent?

While QtrBac's artificial intelligence technology uses profile information provided by you to find best job opportunities for you. You are in control of applying for the jobs. QtrBac does not share your profile with employers without your consent. Our detailed privacy statement is available here.

How QtrBac protects my data?

QtrBac uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for encrypted data communication between your device and QtrBac servers. QtrBac uses encrypted storage to securely store your data. QtrBac uses cloud platforms for hosting and processing your data. While QtrBac is not 100% hacking proof, we continue to work toward implementing secure data communication, processing and storage best practices.

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